Recent Work

Recent Work – Art of Mark Bryan, whimsical, surreal paintings of satire, parody, theater, circus, politics, religion, social comment,Elephant in the room a room in New York. Ship of state odalisque talent show; the Endless supper. The high wire, the other chamber Devil’s due, Meltdown at Diablo Canyon the only way to get there the Amazing JoJo the visitor. The racetrack the fortune teller hello kitty, outer child. The monkey whisperer the Grateful Dead. The Collectors on the Island of Ballerinas the bunkey and blinky’s ride see The Eyeball Kid who asks Who Would Jesus Bomb? No rest for the wicked he responds to El Conejo in his head. Ubu and the Children of Paradise visit Monkey in his head to go Smokin with The Guide The Levitation and Last of the Shiraz, The Nightmare, Henry Fuseli, dream, Jesus, creepy, blood, Too Much Jesus, The War Against Nature, Tornadoes, climate change, global warming, soldiers, Trump, Donald Trump, Trump-o-matic, demagogue, Kittybot, hello kitty, the ride, robot rescue, the princess, the wedding