2015, The Art of Mark Bryan, Big Baby Books, Mark Bryan, design Pam Logan

2012, Cover illlustration, Cheney’s War Crimes, Holcomb B. Noble (order on Amazon)

2011, Cover illlustration, The Flying Drum, Bradford Keeney

2011, La Luz De Jesus 25, the little gallery that could

2008, Carnivora, The Dark Art of the Automobile (see book)

2008, Cover Art, Rogue Voice, San Luis Obispo, Ca. 11/6/08

2007, Pasadena Weekly, cover/article, “Pictures in His Head” march 1st, 07

2007, Geez Magazinecover art, “East of OZ” fall issue

2007, The Fifth Estatecover art, “Fat Man and Mr. Death” spring issue

2006, Adbusters magazine (illustration for TV turnoff Week) 2/1/06

2006, Hopedance magazine, cover illustration “Venus and the Burning Temples “

2005/06, Adbusters magazine (three illustrations) special end of year issue

2005, Hopedance magazine, cover illustration “Uncle Sam”

2004, Book, Artful Jesters essay, by Nicholas Roukes,

2000, December New American PaintingsWest Coast, Issue # 31 

1998, December New American PaintingsWest Coast, Issue # 19


2008 Lakeview Terrace: directed by Neil LaBute, Starring: Samuel Jackson, Patrick Wilson. Mad Tea Party painting used in set.


2012, From Memory, video and music by Garry Eister, images by Mark Bryan

2005, The March of the Cowboy Thugs, Russ Ferriday, Music by Garry Eister


2016, New Times, The Art of Politics, cover story and interview,  Sept. 23rd. issue

2016, The Cultural Magazine, interview and cover illustration, issue #21, Nov. 2016

2016, WOWXWOW Magazine, interview, August 16

2007, Juxtapoz Magazine, featured artist, interview, Jan. issue #72

2013, Yorokobu Magazine, Spain, featured artist, interview, July 31st. issue

2012, KCET, Acerbic Art: Mark Bryan’s Fantastical and Political Worlds article Los Angeles Ca. 8/13/12

2012, New Times,The Deranged Prophet article San Luis Obispo Ca. 10/18/12

2012, Tribune, Welcome to the Apocalypse article San Luis Obispo Ca. 10/25/12

2012, Goodtimes, article Santa Cruz Ca. 7/25/12

2011, Submerge Magazine , article Sacramento Ca. 12/6/11

2011, Sacramento News and Review, article Sacramento Ca. 11/10/11

2011, Eclectix interview #9, on line arts magazine forum, posted August 29, 2011

2009, New Times,”It’s all right, it’s all right” article  SLO, Ca. 12/22/2009

2008, The Wave Magazine, article San Jose Ca. 12/3/08

2008, San Luis Obispo City News, Interview 11/6/08

2008, New Times, Art of Democracy interview  SLO, Ca. 11/6/08

2007, Juxtapoz Magazine, featured artist, interview, Jan. issue #72

2007, KPFK Uprising radio show, Los Angeles, 4/15/07 article link

2007, Miz Radio interview, feb.,

2006, Animal New York Magazine, interview, Mark Bryan Knows Dick/ 4/29/06

2006, The Tribune San Luis Obispo Ca., article by Pat Pemberton, 2/19/06

2005, Hopedance magazine, article by Natasha Dalton

2005, The Sacramento News and Review

2005, New Times, San Luis Obispo, Ca.,” It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, World (6/30/05)

2004, The Sacramento News and Review “Chimps and Monks” article

2004, Central Coast Magazine, Avila Beach , Ca., article (12/1/04)

2003, New Times, San Luis Obispo, Ca., article (1/3/03)

2002, The Sacramento News and Review article

1999, Creative Loafing, Atlanta, Ga., review (4/3/99)

1998, New Times, “Serious Humor” article San Luis Obispo, Ca., article (12/17/98)

1995, Sacramento Bee, Sacramento, Ca., review (5/21/95)

1994, Press Enterprise, Riverside, Ca. article, (10/16/94)

1994, Sacramento Bee, Sacramento, Ca., review (7/17/94)

1992, Visions Magazine, essay

1992, L.A. Times, Inland Empire, review (5/27/92)

1992, Telegram Tribune, “Focus” cover story, San Luis Obispo, Ca., 4/11/92

1991, New Times, San Luis Obispo, Ca., article (10/3/91)

1990, L.A. Times, Inland Empire, review (3/11/90) 

Mark Bryan artist press

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